Join the fun

All of our teams for the current competitive season are officially closed, but we’d love to have you come out and join us in April 2020!

Team Requirements

All Star Prep All Star Elite Level 1 All Star Elite Level 2
Standing TumblingNo experience necessaryHandstand forward roll

Back walkover

Front walkover
Standing back handspring

Back walkover – back handspring
Running TumblingNo experience necessaryFront walkover – cartwheel – back walkoverRound off back handspring series
JumpsNo experience necessaryTwo connected jumpsTwo connected jumps

Pencil jump back handspring

What’s the difference between All Star Prep and All Star Elite?

All Star Prep is preparing athletes for All Star Elite and athletes in our prep program are anywhere between their first and their third season of cheerleading.

All Star Prep All Star Elite
Practices2x’s per week for a
total of 3 hours per week
3x’s per week for a
total of 5 hours per week
Competitions4-5 one day events typically local or within reasonable driving distance (2-3 hours)7-9 one day and two day events (that normally require overnight stays). Possible traveling to Southern California, Oregon, Nevada, or Florida.